Accelerating innovation
for a better food future.

Accelerating innovation
for a better food future.

Real change requires
true collaboration

The current food system is failing to feed the global population with food that is healthy, sustainable and accessible. And over the coming decades, the food system will be under increasing pressure, with food production needing to increase by 70 per cent to feed the growing global population.

The food system of the future will need to produce nutritionally positive food while rapidly reducing its carbon footprint. At the same time, it will need to be more resilient to climate change and supply chain shocks.

Achieving the systemic change required to meet these demands means taking big risks and employing approaches that are radically new, not just incrementally better. It will require a partnership of organisations committed to investing in innovation that delivers real impact and return on investment.

FoodShot APAC brings together a powerful network of partners to support the deep science, technology and research that will drive our food system forward.

Designing a food system for the future

In 2023 FoodShot APAC Prizes will be awarded to individuals and organisations working on innovations in three areas of focus:

Creating a healthier
soil system

Building a sustainably scalable
protein system

Optimising the food system
for human health

We bring together world‐class, mission‐aligned venture funds, banks, corporations, foundations and government to support system‐changing innovation in the Asia Pacific.

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