A unique non-profit

FoodShot APAC connects organisations, shapes markets, and invests in innovation to drive transformation in our food system.

Meeting the demands of feeding 10 billion people by 2050 requires long-term investment, true innovation and deep collaboration. As the first regional extension of FoodShot Global, FoodShot APAC unites world-class, mission-aligned venture funds, corporations, universities and government organisations to identify and support the deep science, technology and research that will build a better food system.

Through our FoodShot APAC Prizes we provide patient capital, funding opportunities and potential investment from our venture partners for innovators across the Asia Pacific region.

We believe the future food system should be


To meet global nutritional needs, support optimal health, and eliminate toxins or additives that compromise human health.


To reduce the impact of the food system on our climate, increase resilience to climate shocks, support the economic and social health of communities, and become more resistant to drought, pests and disease.


To increase the availability and accessibility of healthy, affordable food while protecting the working conditions and rights of the 4.5 billion people tied to our global food system.

Our Mission

FoodShot APAC was established with regional partners to support innovation across the Asia Pacific.

Home to 60 per cent of the world’s population, the Asia Pacific region will be the biggest driver of food demand in the decades to come, particularly with a rapidly expanding middle class and its desire for more sustainable and nutritious food.

The Asia Pacific region is also home to a unique blend of attributes that make it ripe for the type of transformational innovation that can drive our food system forward. These attributes include the highest levels of biodiversity globally, strong cultures of innovation, climate and nutrition-conscious consumers, strong traditional food knowledge and practices and cutting-edge science.

FoodShot APAC supports innovation throughout the region by shaping a common vision of food system change with our partners, creating new funding and investment opportunities for innovators in the market and generating links between the US and the Asia Pacific to encourage cross regional collaboration and deal flow.

Who we invest in

The innovators we support are pioneers in their fields. They are working either on the core technology and research that will help achieve a better food future, or they are ahead of the curve with their solutions already in market.

Potential FoodShot APAC awardees are working on everything from mapping the soil microbiome to genetic and genomic sequencing, biological‐based crop protection, precision farming, CrispR platforms, organic soil inoculants or improving metabolic health.